What Survival & Prepper Gear Would You Buy In a Dollar Store?

Really curious about this one because obviously, it’s not past me to look for deals when it comes to buffing up a prepper stockpile, and obviously I happily go the cheap items on Amazon route often when it comes to gear – so why the heck not buy dollar store items to prep or add to a survival kit when they’re really worthwhile?

I’ve heard a bunch of people talk about how they get their mason jars for jarring their own food from the dollar store, as where could you ever find a better price for mason jars than something like a Dollar Tree. I’ve myself picked up a bunch of lighters, whistles, matches, and other little items for things like Altoids Tin Survival Kits from local dollar stores, but I’m really bad at imagining more creative ways of using dollar store items, especially when it comes to items for full on prepper stockpiles and not just little items for survival kits.


So I’d like to hear from you guys:

  • What items have you bought from dollar stores before that have made it to your survival kits (in any size, shape, or form)?
  • What dollar store items do you find great value for boosting your bug-in prepper stockpiles at home?
  • Is there anything you would never buy from a dollar store? Or are you fine getting dollar store items as back ups, say in case your quality lighter somehow breaks, you have a bunch of cheap dollar store lighters as back ups since, why not, they’re so cheap?
  • Do you have any other advice for dollar store shopping for preppers & survivalists?

In terms of the last question, the only advice I really have is to look out for dollar stores around your area that are closing/shutting down, because we all know how cheap dollar stores are but when they’re packing up to shut down there’s some absurd deals to be had there. I’ve taken advantage of some of these myself – they’re awesome, especially if you keep visiting back to see if the items you have your eye on have been price slashed again.

Let me know any and all thoughts you have on this topic down below!

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