What Are the Most Important Home Security Improvements to Make?

It’s no news to preppers that keeping your home safe is important. We’ve got that part down.

What’s a little more tricky is knowing which home security improvements are the most important for you to do, so you don’t end up spending money buffing up security in areas that are perfectly fine, and accidentally overlooking other, more glaring security issues.

There’s no point in getting a quality lock, for example, if your back door is actually intended for indoor use. It’d take no time at all for someone to break down that door, so a good lock would really be a waste until you had a proper back door fitted.

Same with getting a top-of-the-line lock system when you already have a very good one. You’re better off spending the money reinforcing your door frames than you are upgrading an already good lock system to something better.

more-than-just-surviving-home-security-article-household-preparednessSouthOrd PXS-14 Lockpick Set – eBay / Amazon.co.uk

It can be hard to tell which security measures are most important, however, especially if you’re new to thinking about home security. For newbies, finding chinks in the metaphorical armour is not as easy as for those who have been working away at home security improvements for decades.

So I’d love to know, especially for those who are new to this sort of thing, what do you think are the most important home security measures to take?

Since I’m no security expert, I asked Thomas for his thoughts and he said:

Personally, I find creating a staggered security system to be superior to a singular, strong solution. I know a few preppers who added doors in corridors and I think its a great system. You can have 2 doors outside + 1 door in the main corridor and a strong bedroom door. That’s 4 doors with 4 locks to get through which will give you (hopefully) both time for the police/backup to arrive and plenty of warning that shit is going down. Depending on a single solution like a strong front door with a decent lock just makes me uncomfortable.

What do you think?

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