High Value Knives Our Readers Recommend

A few weeks back, Thomas asked you guys which knives you found to be some of the highest value on the market. This article is the result of that question post. In it, I’ve taken the time to compile your responses, grouping your specific knife recommendations into fixed blade & folder categories.

Knife value is a tricky subject. As Thomas pointed out, to get a feel for the value of a knife, you’ll always be doing something of a balancing act between the knife’s price and its performance. You guys put your feelings about knife value into better terms than we did, I feel, especially with these two remarks in particular:

From John: “Value comes in the form of feeling disgusted at thinking about anything less than what you have now become accustomed too. Anyone whose had a great tool, lost it, and had to use a crappy standby until the good one could be replaced knows exactly what I mean here.”

& from Jack Fallin: “It’s not always the knife maker. Find what you like, what you can afford and become best of friends. Know it like your hands, learn to use it and be comfortable with it. $500 or $50, if it feels right in your hand it is the right knife.”

Two slightly different ways of looking at knife value and yet somehow both ringing completely true to any of us who have come to know and love a specific knife.

Without further ado, your high-value knife recommendations:

more-than-just-surviving-opinel-no-8-review-bubinga-woodOpinel No. 8 Traditional Folding Knife – Amazon / Blade HQ

Reader’s Choice: High Value EDC Pocket Knives

1. Swiss Army Pocket Knife

This had to be listed. It’s a classic for a reason, and in my opinion, not a soul can doubt their usefulness – whether you’re a knife person or not. Broadwing mentioned his Swiss Army Knife “hasn’t let me down in any everyday carry situation where I need a blade or tool. It’s in my front pocket 24/7.”

Availability: AmazonBlade HQ • eBay

2. Opinel No. 8

Yet another tried and true. There aren’t many lists this knife hasn’t made it to the top of, even on this blog where more expensive knives are very often featured. We’ve mentioned it in our original article on knife value, our top budget knives post, it’s made it to our bang-for-buck best knives by price point article, hell, it’s even in our top picks for lightweight knives for hikers. Hard to beat, the Opinel.

Availability: AmazonBlade HQ • eBay

Read our review of the Opinel No. 8

3. Buck 110

Buck makes excellent USA-made knives, no doubt about it, and the classic Buck 110 is never off the table when it comes to discussion about knife value. Mike mentioned in his comment that, besides the 110, the 112, 119, and 120 also make it to his top lists when it comes to value.

Availability: AmazonBlade HQ • eBay

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4. Spyderco Dragonfly 2

John says about the Dragonfly 2: “I bought a Dragonfly 2, and looked down at this tiny, minuscule knife with a weird leaf-shaped blade and full-flat grind and second guessed dropping $50 on the VG10 steel “cheap” version of it. Until it felt like it disappeared in my pocket, didn’t scare anyone who saw it, and made me chuckle out loud the first time I used it for cutting. Sure, any sharp knife cuts. But a well designed, well-ground knife with great (albeit tiny) ergonomics elevates the tool from an object that merely aids in finishing chores, to a tangible quality of life change, an increase in efficient work output, and then also manages to transcend that and become something that one would choose to use simply to enjoy how well it does it’s job.”

Availability: AmazonBlade HQ • eBay

Read our review of the Spyderco Dragonfly 2

5. Boker Stockman

Stockman knives in general are a solid recommendation from bdc. He states about the style: “It is a three bladed pocket knife like grandpa carried. No fancy way of opening. You open the knife and there isn’t a fancy feature that holds it solid.”  He notes that the Boker Stockman is beautiful, while the Case Stockman is a collectible. There are many cheap stockmans on the market as well, and all are game as this style of knife seems to be his perfect fit.

Availability: AmazonBlade HQeBay

6. Benchmade Contego

John says about the Benchmade Contego, “I’ve previously mentioned my Benchmade Contego in M390. As soon as I think I won’t go to jail for using it to do a job I have it out. Every movement with that knife is smooth and natural and one-handed. And as quickly as it cuts, I pull the lock and flick it closed and reseat it in my pocket one-handed and I still have to suppress a grin. The knife feels like if I left it alone in a dark room it would just go ahead and do my job for me without me.”

Availability: AmazonBlade HQeBay

mora-2000-outdoor-fixed-blade-knife-reviewMora Outdoor 2000 Fixed Blade Bushcraft Knife – Amazon / Blade HQ

Reader’s Choice: High Value Fixed Blade Knives

1. Fallkniven A1

Up at the very top of the fixed blade list is the Fallkniven A1, recommended by both Jake and Bjørnar Blystad.

Availability: AmazonBlade HQeBay

2. Mora Companion

Moras definitely make the #1 spot for overall recommendations by knife brands for fixed blades, and if it wasn’t for the fact that so many different Moras were recommended by you guys, a Mora would’ve spring boarded to the top position in an instant. The Mora Companion is Mike‘s solid recommendation.

Availability: AmazonBlade HQeBay

3. Ontario SP-3 Air Force

Broadwing recommends Moras & the Ontario SP-3 Air Force as his fixed blade knives of choice. On them he says: “Both these knives are of good design, not overly expensive, and have been dependable for the cost incurred. JMHO!” “At the front top of the SP-3 handle is a vertical piece of rubber material that can be cut off. By doing so, you can move your hand forward on the top and have better control for close in work in cutting.”

4. Mora 2000

For Bjørnar Blystad, the Mora 2000, and for that matter the Mora Craftline Basic 511, are the two knives that top his recommended list: “If a non-knife person asked me which “do it all” knife to buy, i would have answered Mora 2000 or Basic 511.”

Availability: AmazonBlade HQ • eBay

Read our review of the Mora 2000 Outdoor

5. Camillus USMC

While this knife no longer appears to be on the market, you can still spot one on eBay every once in a while. Jack Fallin states: “My go to knife for over 40 years had always been a Navy copy of the KBar made by Camillus. Soft steel, nicks easily, can be sharpened on your belt or boot is razor sharp and has never failed me and a few sentrys will attest to it slicing ability.”

6. Helle Temagami

We mentioned the Helle Temagami in our question post, and Bjørnar Blystad chimed in to let us know he’s with us with recommending that knife. In his words, “On the Temagami: I have the SS model (Bonpertuis T7Mo laminated with 18/8) and it is my favourite go-to-knife, and sheat, at any pricepoint. Along with my Fallkniven s1, that is. One thing about Helle though; since they still are handmade in Holmedal, Norway, to this day. They may vary quite a bit in fit & finish. I looked at a few, before i found “my precious!” :)”

Availability: AmazonBlade HQeBay

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7. Fallkniven F1

The Fallkniven A1 wasn’t the only Fallkniven knife Jake recommended as an excellent value fixed blade: “Living in the Pacific NorthWET on the shores of a gigantic inland portion of the Pacific Ocean (Puget Sound), and leading a life outdoors. I need a durable, stainless steel blade I can trust with my life. For me that’s the Fallkniven A1 and F1.”

Availability: AmazonBlade HQeBay

helle-temagami-fixed-blade-survival-knife-reviewHelle Temagami Fixed Blade Survival Knife – Amazon / BladeHQ

What High-Value Knives Should Have Made This List?

Any knives you think really should’ve been on this list that we missed out on adding to it? Let us know in the comments! Have firsthand experience with any of the knives listed above? Give them a shout out or a thumbs down in the comments.

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