Do You Have Plans to Bug In, Bug Out, or Both?

We’ve spoken a bit about bugging in versus bugging out on this blog. Quite a long time a go, Thomas wrote up an article about the advantages and disadvantages of each option. There are of course many reasons why you might choose one option over the other – or might choose to split up your preps for the potential to do either down the line.

I’ve been of the mind that if you at all can make your own home safe and secure enough, and if the situation is not such that you might need to leave, you should prep to bug in, but with a secure spot at least somewhat decked out/prepared that you can use as a back up plan in case things go sour. This can be another friend or family member’s house, especially if they’re a prepper themselves or if they’re okay with you leaving preps at their house, or it can be an off-grid property, if you’re lucky enough to be able to have one. I don’t think it’s a good idea to just bug out to the general great outdoors, unless of course you have no option because you are driven out of your home and have nowhere else to go, but either way, I believe being driven into the wilderness is not good news. Yes, we’ve all watched Alone and know that it’s doable for prolonged periods of time with experience, but accidents and emergencies happen in the wilderness, too, and there you’re a lot more vulnerable.


But enough about my opinions, I’d like to hear about yours.

Bugging In VS Bugging Out: Your Opinion

What are your plans as per bugging in and bugging out currently? What do you hope to achieve in the future? Do you have any advice for those who still haven’t yet committed one way or another?

Hypothetically, if you won the lottery tomorrow, would your bug in/bug out plans change considerably? Would you move your primary residence to someplace else that’s a safer option if you ever need to bug in? Would you buy the bug out location of your dreams? And if so, what kind of place would this be (Different city, different country? Beach home, farm, or house in the middle of nowhere?).

Looking forward to reading your thoughts!

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