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Emergency First Aid Skills for the Backcountry -

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Gutting, Skinning and Preparing a Rabbit

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How To Make A Survival Spear-The 3 Best Survival Spears

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how to make a survival spear by WolfPack Survivalthis is a video showing you (how to make a survival spear .)i hope you enjoy this video and found it informative and helpful TWITTER : photography page : CHANNEL : are a lot of different spear designs out there all with there own purpose in a survival situation and these are the 3 that i...

How to Make a Basic SNARE Trap with Paracord or Wire - Catch Your Own Survival...

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NEW! Learn to Make a Basic Snare Trap out of Paracord or Wire so that You can Stay Alive in a Wilderness Survival Situation. In this video, I"e;ll show you how to improvise basic snares from wire or paracord so that you can catch some tasty, nutritious, survival food and stay alive when times get tough. Enjoy,~David__________If you found this review to be Helpful and are Ready to Check Out or Buy Any Gear, I"e;d be Honored if You Use the following link to...

How to read a river and catch catfish from the bank!

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Jeff WIlliams from Team Catfish shows you how to read riffles, runs and holes in rivers then catch lots of frisky Channel catfish!