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Wild Edibles- Cattail- Veggie Pasta

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In this episode, I identify the cattail plant, harvest the cattail shoots, and cook them. Their consistency is like that of an udon noodle. Could this be the next kind of vegetable pasta?*Post-release update: In some states of the US, and in several other nations around the world, it is illegal to harvest cattail. Make sure to refer to your local laws first before picking cattails for yourself.

How to Fillet a Catfish the easy way!

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A short tutorial on how I like to fillet catfish. I know there is a little waste using this method, but its a simple way to clean cats 25" and under.

Prepping: Rice and Beans for the Right Reasons

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After watching the Bob Gaskin seminar on the Morals of Survival after the SHTF, I changed the way I prep. When we first started prepping stockpiling rice and beans was one of the first things we did, but that discipline faded and honestly I haven"e;t purchased rice or beans in months. I have now vowed to spend $10 every week on rice and beans for all the right reasons. First for my family and secondly I know I will not be able to say to "NO" to the neighbor or friend who after the SHTF knocks on my...

Make YOUR Survival Water Filter - Step-By-Step - Portable Emergency Water...

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Discover How to Make a 25 cent, portable, survival, water filtration system with a water bottle and stuff you can find just about anywhere. The bottom line is... without a sustainable, CLEAN water supply, you will not last much beyond 3 or 4 days, even in the best of circumstances. So in this video, I"e;ll show you how to improvise an emergency, disaster, survival water filter that can help you stay alive when the chips are down. Enjoy,~David__________If you...

How to Lower Blood Pressure Fast in 5 Easy Steps to Reduce High BP...

Watched 188 times, Best blood pressure monitor reader. How to lower blood pressure fast could be one of your top priorities right now and in this video I show 5 easy steps to lowering your blood pressure naturally. In the process of improving BP you improve you quality of life and overall health. Exercise reduces blood pressure effectively while improving circulation in the body. I try to foods in moderation and have an active lifestyle. I workout 3 to 4 days per week.