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Paracord Survival Kit

Tools stuffed inside of the 9 feet of paracord:

1) Knife Blade: This blade is sharp enough to cut open a fish, or skin a small animal.
(1) Fire Starter: So you can build a fire without the need for matches.
(2) Lengths of Fishing Line: This translucent line will help you rustle up a dinner in a flash.
(2) Fishing Hooks: Pre-attached to fishing line to make your catch as easy as possible.
(2) Fishing Weights: To make sure your fish can find the hook.
(2) Bobbers: To ensure your hook catches the fish.
(2) Swivels: To keep fish on the line.
(1) Piece of Tin Foil: Used to cook dinner or to lure fish to your hook, or even to be used as a signal mirror.
(1) Tinder: Helps you get a fire going in no time.

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